is a service that allows users to rate the attractiveness
of people's photos submitted voluntarily by others.



Jesse Eisenberg Facemash

So, what if it's not even 10pm and it's a Tuesday night? The Kirkland's facebook is open on my desktop and somebody of these people with pretty horrendous facebook pics.


Billy Olsen's sitting here had the idea, putting some of the picture next to picture of farm animal, and have people vote who's hotter.

I'm not gonna do the farm animal but I like the idea of comparing two people together.

Facemash Girls

It gives the whole thing a very "Turing" feel since people's rating of the picture is more implicit... Than say, choosing a number to represent each person's hotness like they do on hotornot. com The first thing we're going to need is a lot of picture...


Let the hacking begin!

Andrew Garfield Facemash

Eduardo is here and he is going to have the key ingredients.

- Hey Mark
- Eduardo...
- I need you.
- I'm here for you.
- No, I need the algorithm you use to rank chess players.
- Are you ok?
- We're ranking girls.

Facemash Stanford

- You mean others student.
- Yup.
- You think this such a good idea?
- I need the algorithm, alright. I need the algorithm.
- Each girl base rating 1400. At any given time "Girl A" has a rating R-a and "Girl B" has a rating R-b. When any 2 girls are matched up, there's an expectation of which will win based on their current rating, right? And all those expectations are express this way.

- Let's write it.


- The one on the left.
- The right.
- It works.


- Who should we send it first?
- Dwyer
- Neal


- Who will you send it to?
- Just to couple of people. Question is: who are they gonna send it to?

Mark Zuckerberg The Social Network

The Social Network